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     There's a new angel in heaven, her name is Bobbie Robson

With the heaviest heart I am writing to let all friends of RC Boat Racing
know that after a short battle with Lou Gherig disease a lady boat racer
who loved to race her pink tunnel boat and pink Thunderboat has
succumb to the disease and died. Bobbie Robson raced for over 15
years with her husband Fred Robson. Fred seemed to always have the
most fun when Bobbie did well. She was many time District 3 Woman
Racer of the Year and was a fixture at just about every NAMBA District 3
race across Florida through 2013. But Bobbie did so much more. She
was a District 3 Mother. If someone got hurt, she was there to help.  If
she felt you might be hungry, she was delivering hot dogs or burgers
and a friendly greeting while reminding you to eat. And, if it was one of
those races where we had extreme heat, well Bobbie and Fred's trailer
instantly became home for the overheated.  Plenty of shade and plenty
of super cold air for anyone in need.  

But those who knew Bobbie close, knew there was more to this
beautiful lady.  Fred and Bobbie almost made 50 years together. They
used to go fishing together any chance they had, and then Fred
discovered RC boat racing. Followed quickly by Bobbie!  Bobbie was
hooked. She loved racing her RC boats more than anything else. It
wasn't just playing with the boats, that was just a small part of it. Really it
was where all her friends gathered and socialized. That was what she
loved.  Dinners at a steak house or Olive Garden Friday and Saturday
nights, or an afternoon or evening barbecue.  

When Bobbie started getting ill, Fred told me the hardest part for her
was the effort needed by her to go to see her friends at the races.  She
couldn't miss seeing everyone. As the disease progressed RC racing
was the key to keeping her going. She was looking forward to going to
the next District 3 race coming to Melbourne, Florida in September. But
in the end the terrible disease took her life. But the memories of all the
good times together, that will never die. So there's one more angel in
heaven, and I'm sure she's looking down on all of us, especially when
we are all together racing our toy boats.

God Bless You Bobbie, You are loved and will always be missed.

Ron Ratoff
Mary Hellwig
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8th race of the 2014 season
Hosted by:
Orlando Culvert Dodgers Inc.
Oct. 25 - 26, 2014
NAMBA District 3 High Points Race

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District 3 Assistant Director - Jack St.Clair*
Gas Director Richard Lind - richie@ricoracing.com*
Thunderboat Director Mike Haynes - rcoffshore@comcast.net*
Offshore Director Raul Rodriguez - r.rodriguezIII@yahoo.com*
Treasurer Sheila Cardoso - tcardoso@tampabay.rr.com

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{2013 High points race series summary}
The 2013 High Points race series consisted of eight individual races. In order for a class to qualify for a high points award it had to compete
in five of the eight races . Seventeen classes qualified for awards. Awards were given for finishing first, second, or third in total points for
the year. All points earned during the year were counted. This total equaled 51 individual awards that were earned by 31 racers. This
year's awards consisted of a certificate listing the racers accomplishments and was accompanied by a check for NAMBA dollars. The
amounts ranged from a low of 50 NAMBA dollars to a high of 475 NAMBA dollars. The certificates and NAMBA dollars will be distributed at
this year's WinterNats race. NAMBA dollars may be used to purchase items from any District 3 vendors. The vendors will then send the
NAMBA checks to Sheila Cardoso, district 3 treasurer who will send them a check of equal amount.

{2014 High points racing season}
The High Points racing series will consist of nine races this year. To qualify for high points award a class will need to compete in six of the
nine races. All points will be counted again this year. Classes that earned awards last year must be offered at all nine races this year. As
always any additional NAMBA classes may be offered at any of the races. In addition to the high points races this year we also have the RC
world championship race to be held the last week in January at the Riverview race site. The Broward club is planning a two day race in
August for nitro boats with a special format similar to a shootout. Announcement of this race will be forthcoming in the near future.
The Tampa club has plans in the works for 4 one-day races. The Broward club will continue its monthly series of one-day club races. As of
this time the three listed races on RC racing events are the WinterNats, the RC world championships, and the Brandon twin shootout.
These three races have almost 800 boats entered so far. Hopefully this trend will continue with excellent turn outs at all our races this year.

Each club needs to renew it's NAMBA CLUB REGISTRATION and its SITE INSURANCE on an annual basis. The necessary forms are
available on the NAMBA national website. Fees may be paid electronically. Race sanctioned forms need to be forwarded to me for
approval. I will then forward them to NAMBA. You may enclose a check with your sanction form or pay them of directly. Single event
insurance forms are available on the national website. This form must be submitted prior to the race with the appropriate fee to the host
club who will forward them to the national organization after the race has been held. The single event insurance form may only be used
once in a single calendar year. If an individual wishes to race again during the same calendar year he must formally join NAMBA. The
single event fee will be credited toward the annual membership fee.

NAMBA safety regulations must be obeyed at all times. This includes testing, practice, or formal racing. District meetings this year will be at
the June race and the November race. Items for discussion at the district meeting can be submitted any time during the year,up to 30
days prior to the meeting. Each submitted agenda item must be co-sponsored by five NAMBA district 3 members. This assures us that the
topic has broad interest and does not represent personal interests.

Happy new year to all district 3 members, guests, and visiting racers and here's hoping
for a excellent and enjoyable year of racing in 2014.

Marvin H. Erbesfeld M. D.
District 3 Director.